Why is My Cat Drooling So Much

Why is My Cat Drooling So Much? [why would a cat drool?]

If you are a cat owner, then you have probably wondered why your cat drools sometimes. It is actually common for a healthy cat to drool some on occasion. Although, most cats don’t drool very often. There can be several reasons why a cat drools, with some being serious medical conditions.

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the most common causes of drooling in cats and also provide tips on how to help reduce the likelihood of your cat drooling. 

why would a cat drool
Why Would a Cat Drool?

Cats are known for their cleanliness, so it can be concerning if you discover excessive abnormal drooling from your cat. 

Some reasons why cats drool are harmless. On the other hand, some may be a sign of serious medical conditions that require veterinary attention. 

A drooling cat could be a sign of a problem. It’s important to figure out the cause of the drooling to know if your cat has a medical problem so you can obtain proper veterinary care.

So, if you are concerned about your cat’s health and curious about why your cat drools, keep reading to learn more!

Why Does My Cat Drool All The Time?

Drooling every now and then is probably not a concern but if your cat is drooling all the time then you need to quickly find out why.

why does my cat drool all the time
Why Does My Cat Drool All The Time?

Here are some reasons why your cat may be drooling.

  • Happy and Content – A common reason cats may drool is when they are just happy and totally relaxed.
  • Sleeping – It is not unusual for a cat to drool when it is in a deep sleep.
  • Overheated – If your cat is very hot and having trouble cooling down that could cause drooling. It is not unusual for a cat to drool on very hot days.
  • Allergies – If your cat is suffering from allergies this could cause them to drool.
  • Eating Bitter Food – Sometimes your cat may drool after they ate something they didn’t really like or that triggers the production of saliva. 
  • Medication – Taking some types of medications may cause your cat to drool.
  • Foreign Object Stuck in Their Mouth or Back of the Throat – There may be something stuck in their mouth such as a piece of food, a stick, a furball, or even some grass. This could be making it hard for them to swallow.
  • Tooth Decay and Dental Disease – If there are serious oral problems with your cat’s teeth and mouth that could cause excessive drooling. This could include oral cancer, mouth ulcers, and gum disease. Dental problems often cause excessive drooling in a cat.
  • Renal Failure – Also known as kidney failure this condition can be the cause of nausea and sores in your cat’s mouth which can result in excessive drooling.
  • Respiratory conditions – Viral respiratory conditions that cause ulcers in your cat’s mouth can cause excessive drooling.
  • Fear, Stress and Anxiety – These emotional factors can also cause a cat to drool.
  • Recent Surgery – If you cat has just had some type of surgery like a tooth extraction, that could cause drooling.

Is Cat Drooling Normal?

If your cat is drooling excessively, on a regular basis, then there is something wrong with their health. Contact your veterinarian immediately for advice on what to do.

How Do Cats Drool?

Cats will drool just like a dog or even a human. Something stimulates a build-up of saliva and instead of swallowing it the saliva simply ‘drools’ out of the mouth.

A cat won’t usually drool at the sight of food as a dog would but their saliva is utilized to help them clean themselves. It is estimated a cat may spend up to 25 percent of its time self-grooming.

Cats clean themselves by licking. Each lick of the tongue carries with it their saliva which is said to contain chemicals in it that assist the cat in staying clean.

A cat’s saliva contains enzymes that help them digest their food and this may cause the excess saliva to come up in their mouth.

Do All Cats Drool?

While it is unusual for a cat to drool on a regular basis all cats will drool at some point. So yes, all cats do drool.

How Can I Stop My Cat From Drooling?

Sometimes just getting your cat to take a small drink of water will stop them from drooling. You could also gently wipe their mouth or flush it with a little water and that will do the trick.

Look to see if they have some kind of object in their mouth that could be causing the drooling and remove it.

how to stop a cat from drooling
How to Stop a Cat From Drooling

Keep your cat away from any plants or grass they may be trying to eat that is causing drooling. There are poisonous plants that your cat could be nibbling on that causes a drooling reaction.

Don’t give them unusual things to eat. Stick to cat food.

If an allergy is causing the drooling make sure to keep them away from whatever it is that they are allergic to. Also, keep their living space clean and free of dust and other pollutants.

Cat Drooling Treatment

There are many possible treatments to stop your cat from drooling but the first thing you must do is determine WHY they are drooling and then go from there.

NOTE: Remember it is possible your cat’s drooling is caused by a serious medical issue. Always consult with your vet for advice.

What is the best way to clean up after a cat has been drooling?

Related Cat Drooling Questions

Is Cat Drool Dangerous to Humans?

It is possible that cat drool contains bacteria and disease so it is a good idea to avoid direct contact with cat drool as much as possible.

Is Cat Drool Dangerous to Humans
Is Cat Drool Dangerous to Humans?

Wear protective gloves and clean up right away after possible exposure. The Rabies virus is an example of a saliva-based disease that could be in cat drool.

Can I Eat Food After My Cat Has Licked It?

No, it is not a good idea to eat food after your cat has licked it. Throw it away.

Why Does My Cat Drool When They are Purring?

They are happy. It is not unusual for a cat to start drooling when they are happy. Purring is a sign that your cat is content, relaxed and happy.

Why Does My Cat Drool When They Ride in the Car?

Your cat may be suffering from motion sickness when they ride in a vehicle and drooling is from not feeling well. 

It could also be that they are excited and anxious during car rides. That can cause drooling as well.

Why Does My Cat Drool When I Pet Them?

Your cat may drool when you pet them because they are a totally relaxed and happy cat! This is a physiological reaction to your positive stimulation of touching them.

Why Does My Cat Drool When I Pet Them
Why Does My Cat Drool When I Pet Them?

What is Squamous Cell Carcinoma?

Squamous Cell Carcinoma is a tumor that may appear on your cat’s body and even their mouth. Only about 10% of cats will still be alive after one year once they are diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

Can Squamous Cell Carcinoma cause a cat to drool excessively?

Yes, excessive drooling is a symptom of Squamous Cell Carcinoma along with bad breath, weight loss, and a loss of appetite. Call your vet right away if your cat has any of these symptoms.


Cats have a tendency to drool when they are experiencing stress. When you see your cat drooling, it may mean that he’s nervous and excited at the same time. 

Be sure to provide plenty of love and attention during these situations and try to eliminate the stimulus that is causing them to drool.

Your cat can also drool from simply being happy and relaxed.

However, if you notice other symptoms such as hiding away from people, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, loss of appetite, or unusual sleep patterns, take them to your veterinarian right away.

Excessive salivation and drooling could indicate an underlying medical condition such as dental disease, kidney problems, diabetes mellitus (sugar cat), hyperthyroidism (too much thyroid hormone), and other diseases.

Remember, regular vet visits and annual checkups are the best way to prevent problems from occurring. This is especially true if you have an older cat at home.

Why is My Cat Drooling So Much

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