Why Does My Cat Sleep with Me

Why Does My Cat Sleep with Me? [how to keep your cat off the bed]

Do you ever wonder why your cat likes to sleep on your comfy bed with you? Cats happen to be quite affectionate, which could be why they love sleeping on your bed with you at night or they are just looking for a warm safe place!

Cats are known for their independence, but they also crave attention. Cats will often sleep on your bed if you allow them in the bedroom and give them a spot to curl up.

how to keep cat off bed
How to Keep Your Cat Off Your Bed

Have you ever woken up in the morning to find your cat curled up against you or even right next to your head purring contentedly?

Why Do Cats Like to Sleep With You?

Here are ten reasons why your cat likes to snuggle in your bed with you!

1) Your cat simply loves you and wants to be near you at night. This may be the best reason why your cat likes sleeping with you. 

They want to be near you. Sleeping with people is a way of forming a strong bond with their human companions!

2) Your cat hops into bed with you because they want your attention! Cats are social animals despite the fact they sometimes seem the opposite.

If your cat is feeling neglected, lonely, or suffering from separation anxiety they may let you know by jumping in bed with you!

Why Do Cats Like to Sleep With You
Why Do Cats Like to Sleep With You?

3) It could also just mean that your cat is a cuddler, which lots of cats are. Your cat loves being close and feeling your beating heart. They trust you and that makes them feel safe.

Many times you will hear your car purring contentedly when they are sleeping next to you.

4) Some pet owners believe that the reason why their pets sleep on top of them or in between two people sharing a bed together is that they instinctively seek out warm places.

Seeking warmth from another heat source (such as your warm body) helps keep them warm and comfy during cold nights!

What is a cat’s normal body temperature?

A cat’s normal body temperature range is between 100.5°F and 102.5°F (38.1°C and 39.2°C).

What is the Normal Body Temperature for Adults?

In contrast, the normal human body temperature is 98.6°F (37°C).

You may also enjoy the warm feeling of having your cat next to you in bed. They give off a lot of body heat having a higher normal temperature than humans do. So is your cat your heating pad at night? Be honest!

5) Cats also like to lay on beds and pillows because it is an elevated place where they can protect themselves more easily if necessary. 

Being up off the ground on your bed may make your cat feel safer from the threat of being attacked by another animal. They may feel being up on your bed allows them to see around the area better.

What is a cat's normal body temperature
What is a cat’s normal body temperature?

6) Beds are soft and inviting. Your cat may find your bed to be more comfortable than the laundry basket with a blanket in it that you have for them to sleep in.

7) Maybe your cat feels insecure being alone at night. Sleeping next to you can provide that sense of security allowing them to relax and get to sleep.

Your bed may also offer a refuge that puts them away from loud noises or even their own litter box.

8) Cats are territorial creatures and may want to mark their territory. Sleeping with you in your bed could be a signal they feel it is part of their territory now.

9) You smell good. Well, at least to your cat you smell good and they may like being in bed with you because of that.

10) Some people suggest that your cat may experience a positive hormonal release when they are in bed with you. Your cat may be addicted to you!

Along the same lines perhaps your cat doesn’t feel so well and is trying to tell you they are sick.

Is it Ok For Your Cat to Sleep With You?

Should you let your cat sleep in bed with you? Is it a good idea? There are many pros and cons to letting your cat sleep in your bed.

Is it Ok For Your Cat to Sleep With You?
Is it Ok For Your Cat to Sleep With You?

Pros of Having Your Cat Sleep With You

  • You like having your cat near you giving you a cozy feeling
  • Your cat likes sleeping in your bed and this makes you feel good mentally
  • Your cat provides extra warmth for you if it is cold
  • Having your cat next to you actually helps you sleep better
  • Your cat can alert you during the night if something is not right

While the potential risks are low for letting your cat sleep with you there are some things you should think about.

Cons of Having Your Cat Sleep With You

  • Allergic reaction with them being so close to you
  • Their fur being on your bedding
  • Your cat may not be as clean as you think they are especially if you have an outdoor cats
  • If you are a light sleeper your cat may interrupt your sleep schedule in the middle of the night

How to Keep My Cat Off My Bed at Night?

While sleeping with your cat may seem appealing at first it is possible you will grow tired of it. 

There is no reason to take drastic measures but here are some ways to discourage your cat from sleeping in your bed. The best option is a slow and measured way to break their habit of sleeping with you. 

how to keep my cat off my bed at night
How to Keep My Cat Off My Bed at Night?
  • Put some form of white noise in your room such as a fan. This noise may discourage your cat from feeling your bed is the perfect place for them to be at night.

    As an added bonus the white noise may also help you sleep better!
  • Improve your cat’s bedding. Make a more comfortable spot for them to sleep. Enhancing their own bed that is now the perfect spot may do the trick!
  • Consider getting them a heated cat bed especially when it is cold out.
  • Simply close the door to your bedroom so they can’t get in. Note: If your cat is used to sleeping with you on a regular basis expect some cat scratches on the closed door until they adjust!
  • Get them a new cat toy and leave it in their bed at night. Maybe that will distract them enough to leave you alone!
  • Make sure your cat feels their bed is one of their secure places to be. Keep their bed away from noisy areas or objects that may scare them.

Related Questions

How Long Do Cats Sleep During the Day?

Cats sleep more than most pets. Your pet cat can average 16 to 18 hours of sleep per day! Kittens may sleep even longer!

What is a Cats’ Sleep Cycle?

A cat’s sleep cycle can be different with each cat. Cat’s normally sleep several times a day instead of one long sleep session.

This is called a Polyphasic sleep cycle and basically means sleeping more than once per day.

Why is it Called Taking a Catnap?

You have heard of taking catnaps right! A catnap means sleeping for a short period of time throughout the day to regain your energy. Those cats have it figured out!

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

For cats in the wild, sleeping a lot helps them save their energy for hunting food. A domesticated house cat probably won’t need as much sleep as a feral cat.

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much
Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Cats need a lot of sleep to stay healthy and happy.

Why Do Some Cats Want to Sleep on the Top of Your Head?

People have many possible answers for this cat riddle but to me, the most logical answer comes from renowned cat behavior consultant, Mikel Delgado.

In an interview with Romper.com Delgado stated, “Some cats like to sleep on their owner’s head because of the warmth and the natural smells of our hair, which might be comforting to your cat.”

Are Cats Nocturnal Creatures?

Yes, cats are nocturnal. This is because their instincts are to rest during the day and hunt at night.

So your cat will be perfectly spending most of their day sleeping and then moving around keeping you awake most of the night.


Cats are notorious for sleeping with their owners. The reasons behind this habit vary from cat to cat, but it is often seen as a sign of affection and trust between the owner and the pet.

Some cats will only sleep on one side of the bed so they can keep an eye on you or your partner while they snooze. Other cats may use your body heat to stay warm during chilly winter nights.

Whatever the reason for wanting to be close, many cat owners love having their furry friend in, on top of, or at the foot of the bed at night!

Why Does My Cat Like to Sleep with Me?

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