What is a Napoleon Cat

What is a Napoleon Cat? [A Guide to Their Unique Allure and Traits]

Sometimes referred to as the Minuet Cat, the Napoleon cat is a cross between the Persian cat and the Munchkin cat. The Napoleon Cat is mostly known for their uniquely short stature and adorable appearance. They are affectionate and playful cats that do well with people of all ages as well as other pets. 

In addition to their alluring good looks, the Napoleon cat is known to be an ideal housecat.

Keep reading to learn about all the amazing characteristics of the Napoleon hybrid cat as well as some commonly asked questions about this very unique breed.

History of the Napoleon Cat 

The beginnings of this relatively new breed found itself with Basset Hound breeder Joseph Smith in 1996. 

Joe Smith was looking to add another cat to the beloved dwarf cat breeds by breeding short-haired Munchkin cats with doll-faced Persians. 

This breeding program created a cat with short legs and a long body that breeder Joe Smith admired in the Munchkin cat. 

what does a persian cat look like

Meanwhile, Napoleons inherited a round face from their Persian parent adding to their adorable appearance. 

Napoleons were named after the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. This is a bit of a joke poking fun at the short stature of both this cat breed and the famous historical figure. 

Although Joe Smith attempted to get the Napoleon breed officially accepted by a variety of cat associations in the early 2000s, he was unfortunately unsuccessful. 

To this day the Napoleon cat is unrecognized by The International Cat Association and the American Cat Fanciers’ Association.

Napoleon Cat Appearance 

The Napoleon cat is most famous for its unique appearance. 

This mixed breed takes characteristics from both the Persian cat breed and the Munchkin cat breed, creating a cat that is as regal as the Persian but as cute as the Munchkin. 

Napoleon Cat Head and Body Structure

The Napoleon cat traditionally has a low-slung body according to their breed standard. 

Additionally, Napoleons are also known to have a round head and face with a longer nose than their Persian cat parent. 

Napoleon cats are also known for their beautiful big eyes. 

what does a Munchkin cat look like

Although Napoleons are usually short-legged cats, it is also sometimes possible to find Napoleons with long legs as well. 

Long-legged Napoleons are closer in resemblance to an average domestic cat than they are to Munchkin cats. 

Napoleon Cat Coat Colors and Types 

Napoleon cats can have both short hair and long hair. 

Regardless of what hair type they have, Napoleons will have a thick undercoat that will keep them warm during the colder months. 

As for coat colors and patterns, Napoleon cats can come in an extremely wide variety. 

This includes coat colors and patterns that exist in both the Munchkin and Persian cat breeds. 

Napoleon Cat Size

Napoleon cats are very small in both appearance and weight. Thanks to their little legs, most Napoleons only stand seven inches tall at the shoulder. 

Similarly, most Napoleons only weigh between five and seven pounds. 

Napoleon Cat Temperament 

The Napoleon cat is known to be a very affectionate breed of cat, and they love getting lots of attention from their owners. 

Napoleons are definitely the type of cat to curl up on your lap and ask to be petted. 

Even though the Napoleon is described as an affectionate cat, Minuet cats also love to play. 

This short-legged breed does not let its small stature get in the way of its running and playing. 

Additionally, Napoleons are known to be very docile cats that get along with just about anyone. This includes people of all ages, other cats, and even dogs. 

Napoleon Cat Grooming Requirements 

Napoleon cats will have different grooming requirements depending on their coat type. 

The short-haired Napoleon cat has a beautiful coat that needs to be brushed every so often in order to remain shiny and soft. 

This brushing will need to be more frequent when these plush coats are shedding. 

More frequent grooming during the shedding season will help get rid of the excess loose hair. 

This will not only make your cat feel more comfortable, but it will also prevent your home from becoming overrun with cat hair during shedding season. 

Do Napoleon Cats Shed a Lot?

Napoleon cats are thought to have an average amount of shedding.

Long Haired Napoleon

Meanwhile, long-haired Napoleon cats require weekly brushing at a minimum. This is because long coats on cats tend to tangle and mat much more easily than short coats. 

The more frequently you brush your long-haired Napoleon, the fewer tangles you are likely to find. 

Like with short-haired Napoleons, Napoleons with long hair will need to be brushed more often during their shedding season. 

Brushing your long-haired Napoleon daily during their shedding season will keep them comfortable and keep their coat looking good.

Are Napoleon Cats Hypoallergenic? 

While there are no hypoallergenic cats, the Napoleon cat does seem to be a better choice for cat lovers who suffer from allergies.

Additional Napoleon Grooming Requirements

For any kind of cat, you will also need to make sure that their ears, teeth, and eyes are kept clean. 

Doing this will help prevent health issues like ear and eye infections as well as dental diseases. 

You can keep your cat’s eyes clean by wiping dirt and debris away from them when noticed. 

You can do the same with ears using an ear-cleaning solution made for cats. You can also keep your cat’s teeth clean by brushing their teeth with toothpaste made for cats. 

Of course, you will also need to make sure that the claws on your Napoleon cat are kept trimmed. 

Doing this will make your cat feel much more comfortable when moving around, and it can also prevent elongated claw-related injuries. 

Napoleon Cat Exercise Needs 

Napoleon cats are fairly active, and they love to play and run around. As a result, the Napoleon breed really benefits from having a few brief play sessions throughout the day. 

This will not only keep your Napoleon cat entertained, but it will also prevent them from becoming overweight. 

Most play sessions for cats should last between ten and fifteen minutes, and Napoleon cats can do almost everything that cats with long legs can do. 

The only thing to consider with a minuet cat is that they cannot jump or climb as easily as other cats due to their short hind legs. 

Napoleon Cat’s Dietary Needs 

Napoleon cats tend to do very well on high-quality and high-protein cat food. 

This is because good quality cat food will lack things like fattening fillers and very low-quality meats. 

Nevertheless, you should still be careful about not overfeeding your Napoleon cat, even when feeding them good cat food. 

This is because Minuet cats can be prone to obesity. 

The recommended daily serving size for Napoleon cats is two ounces of dry food or three ounces of wet food. You can separate this portion into two or more meals. 

Can You Train Napoleon Cats? 

Believe it or not, you can actually train some cats! Napoleons are known to be very intelligent cats themselves, so it should not be too difficult to teach your Napoleon cat a thing or two. 

When training your Napoleon cat is best to keep training sessions short. 

Training sessions for cats could last as long as five minutes on a really good day, but most of the time cats will lose interest in training before this time limit. 

Napoleon Cat Health Concerns 

Like any other cat breed, the Napoleon cat can be prone to some genetic diseases. Here are some health conditions that have been reported in the Minuet cat breed. 

  • Allergies 
  • Obesity 
  • Diabetes 
  • Dental Disease 
  • Hip dysplasia 
  • Polycystic Kidney Disease 
  • Cataracts 

Even though Napoleon cats can be affected by the above medical conditions, the breed is generally considered to be fairly healthy. 

It is also good to mention that Napoleon cats do not tend to suffer from respiratory problems as their Persian cat parent does. 

Napoleon Cat Life Expectancy 

The average life expectancy for Napoleon cats is between 9 and 15 years. 

The good news is that Napoleon cats tend to have life expectancies closer to that of their Munchkin cat parent.

They do not have as many health concerns as their Persian cat parent. 

Do Napoleon Cats Do Well With Children? 

Yes, Napoleon cats tend to do very well with children thanks to their affectionate and easy-going temperaments. This even includes small children. 

However, it is a good idea to always monitor young children when they are playing with a Napoleon cat. 

This is because small children could harm these small cats during play accidentally. 

Do Napoleon Cats Do Well With Other Pets? 

Napoleon cats are also known to do well with other pets. This includes both dogs and other cats. 

This is especially true when all pets involved are well-socialized and introduced to one another properly. 

The only main thing to consider when having a Napoleon cat around dogs is how the dog tends to interact with cats. 

It is important to keep in mind that Napoleons cannot jump and climb as easily as our long-legged feline friends. 

Did You Know? Napoleon cats can’t really jump much because their legs are so short!

This means that Minuet cats cannot escape dogs as easily when they are feeling overwhelmed by them. 

This is because Napoleon cats cannot jump or climb as easily as other cats due to their very short legs. 

Providing your Napoleon cat with an easily accessible place to retreat to when they are feeling overstimulated or threatened is a good idea when they are around other pets. 

How Much Do Napoleon Cats Cost? 

The price of Napoleon kittens varies between $1,000 and $3,000 in the United States. This is especially true when getting Minuet kittens from a good breeder. 

Although Napoleon cats may be more difficult to find in shelters and rescues than some other cat breeds, you can sometimes find Napoleons in need of a home. 

The good news is that cats adopted from shelters and rescues tend to be less expensive than the price of getting a kitten from a reputable breeder. 

How to Find a Napoleon Cat Breeder 

The best Napoleon cat breeders are also reputable ones. 

Reputable cat breeders will always care a lot about the health and happiness of their adult cats and kittens alike.

They will also likely be very careful about who adopts their kittens. 

Every one of a reputable breeder’s cats should be in good health and kept well groomed. 

You should always be able to meet your kitten’s parents and see where all of the cats are housed. 

Considering that the Napoleon is a newer breed that is also quite rare, it may be difficult to find a good Napoleon cat breeder. 

However, waiting for a responsible breeder to have a litter of kittens is well worth it.

Napoleon Cat Names

When you have such a super cute cat you need a great name for them! Here is a short list of some popular Napoleon cat names to choose from.

  • Biscuit
  • Dumbledore
  • Elsa
  • Frodo
  • Gizmo
  • Jinx
  • Loki
  • Marcel
  • Sirius
  • Socks

Related Napoleon Cat Questions 

Are Napoleon Cats Munchkin Cats?

Napoleon cats are small but they are not Munchkin cats. One of the parents of the Napoleon will be a Munchkin cat.

What is a Munchkin Cat?

A Munchkin cat is a very short but long cat that is created via a genetic mutation. It is sometimes called a sausage cat due it its very short legs and long-looking body.

Are Napoleon Cats Healthy? 

Yes, Napoleon cats are a fairly healthy cat breed. Like many other cat breeds, the Napoleon can be prone to some genetically inherited medical conditions. 

However, they have an average life expectancy of around thirteen years. 

This is around the average life expectancy for a healthy cat, and some Napoleons have even lived past the 15-year mark. 

Are Napoleon Cats Deformed? 

Technically, yes, Napoleon cats do have a deformity that is inherited from their Munchkin cat parents. 

This deformity is what leads to the short legs that both the Napoleon cat and the Munchkin cat are famous for. 

Although the deformity that causes short legs in cats can have some adverse health effects, both Munchkins and Napoleons have a relatively long average life expectancy. 

Nevertheless, the fact that all Munchkin cats and most Napoleon cats are born with this deformity has made breeding both of these cat breeds controversial. 

Are Minuet Cats Friendly? 

Yes, Minuet cats are known to be incredibly friendly with all kinds of people. Napoleons also tend to be good with dogs and enjoy the company of other cats. 

This makes the Minuet cat an excellent choice for most cat-friendly homes. As an added bonus, Minuet cats are even a good fit for families with children. 

Can Napoleon Cats Jump? 

Yes, Napoleon cats can jump. However, they are not going to be able to jump as well as a cat with normal-sized legs can. 

This is because cats rely on the muscles in their hind legs to hoist themselves off of the ground. 

Considering that the Napoleon cat has shorter back legs than the average cat, they will not be able to jump as high.

Napoleon Cats Can Make Great Pets for the Right Person

There is everything that you need to know about the Napoleon cat breed! These friendly, affectionate, and playful cats make for a great companion. 

Napoleons even tend to do well in homes with children and other pets. Make sure that you have plenty of time for your furry friend because Napoleon cats need a lot of it.

What is a Napoleon Cat

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