What is a Chow Chow Dog

What is a Chow Chow? [unveiling their unique traits and history]

The Chow Chow is a dog famous for its unique blue-black tongue, luxurious mane, and aloof personality. These brave dogs will form a strong bond with their family members and are very intelligent. 

Even though these things are widely known about the Chow Chow, there is much more than meets the eye with this ancient breed.

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In this article, we will be explaining everything that you need to know about the Chow Chow. 

This will include how to properly take care of a Chow Chow, some fun facts about the breed, and how to find a good Chow Chow breeder. Let’s jump right into it! 

History of the Chow Chow 

Not only does the Chow Chow have a long and interesting history, but they are also a very unique breed of dog in many ways.

The Chow Chow is believed to be an ancient breed that goes as far back as the Han dynasty in China.

History of the Chow Chow

It is possible that Chow Chows may have even been around before that time in northern China. This makes the Chow Chow one of the oldest dog breeds. 

Its believed that Chows were mainly used as hunting companions in their early history. 

A while later a Chinese emperor of the Tang dynasty set up the first recorded Chow Chow breeding kennel. 

This kennel was created by the emperor to produce reliable hunting companions for his huntsmen as well as for himself. 

Chow Chow Dogs Come From China

From then on the Chow Chow continued to be a popular breed of dog in China. 

They were such a common breed that they frequently were boarded on trading ships and sent back to Europe in the late 1700s and throughout the 1800s. 

The breed gained more popularity among the elite in England in the late 1800s after Queen Victoria took a liking to the breed. 

The first Chow Chow reached the United States in 1890, and they were officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1903. 

1895 saw the first Chow Chow Club established in England. 

Famous People Who Owned Chow Chows

Chow Chows have a place in history even today. Several famous figures have owned Chows including Martha Stewart and Elvis Presley. 

President Calvin Coolidge also has a beloved Chow Chow named Tiny Tim. 

Today this breed from ancient China is mostly used as guard dogs and house pets rather than hunting companions. 

Chow Chow Appearance

Chow Chows are famous for their thick coats and bear-like appearance.

Chow Chow Appearance

Here we will explain what the Chow Chow should look like according to their official breed standard. 

Chow Chow Head and Body Structure 

The Chow Chow should have a large, square-shaped body with a wide and large head. 

Both the shoulders and the hind legs on the Chow will be muscular. 

The Chow Chow is often described as a dog with heavy bones when it comes to its body structure. 

The rear legs on a Chow Chow should not be much longer or shorter than the front legs, and they should be roughly parallel. 

This structure is often referred to as a slightly stilted gait. 

Chow Chow Coat Types

All Chow Chows will have a thick double coat, but the thickness of that coat can vary. This is because the Chow Chow can have two different coat types. 

Chow Chow Coat Types

The rough-coated Chow Chow is what most people picture when they think of the breed. 

This thick coat gives the dog a more fluffy look, and they will also have a luxurious mane around their neck. 

Meanwhile, Chow Chows with a smooth coat will appear to be fuzzier and less fluffy. 

Smooth Coated Chow Chows have a coat that is less maintenance than Rough Coated Chow Chows do. 

No matter what coat type a Chow Chow has, they will always have a wooly undercoat that keeps them warm in cold weather. 

Chow Chow Coat Colors

The Chow Chow can only come in a solid coat color. This means that no patterns are accepted in the Chow Chow’s breed standard. 

Chow Chow Coat Colors

The accepted coat colors for the Chow Chow include black, blue, cinnamon, cream, and red. 

The Chow Chow’s Unique Tongue

The Chow Chow is famous for their unique blue tongue. Only the Chow Chow and the Chinese Shar Pei can have blue tongues naturally. 

All Chow Chows will be born with pink tongues, and they will start to turn blue at around six months of age. 

Chow Chow Size 

The Chow Chow is a medium to large-sized dog that can be between 17 and 20 inches tall at the shoulder. 

Similarly, Chow Chows can weigh anywhere between 45 and 70 pounds. Males tend to be larger in size than females. 

Chow Chow Grooming Requirements

Chow Chows need regular grooming to stay in tip-top shape. 

Every Chow should have their nails clipped at least once a month and their teeth brushed daily whenever possible. 

Chow Chow Grooming Requirements

Good dental hygiene will make your Chow Chow much less likely to develop dental disease as they age. 

The amount of brushing that a Chow Chow needs depends on what type of coat they have. Smooth Coated Chow Chows will need to be brushed on a weekly basis. 

Is a Chow Chow Hypoallergenic?

No dog is truly hypoallergenic and the Chow Chow is no exception. The Chow Chow has a thick coat and they have moderate shedding.

Regular brushing will help get rid of loose hairs, especially during shedding season. However, Chow Chows with a rough coat will need more regular brushing. 

Chow Chows with longer hairs will need to be brushed daily in order to prevent tangles and matting in their fur. 

Chow Chow Exercise Needs 

Chow Chows are a dog with a medium energy level, but their daily energy requirement is actually relatively low for a dog of their size. 

It is recommended that Chow Chows get around 45 minutes of exercise each day. 

This daily exercise can consist of walks, playtime, and any other activities that get your Chow Chow moving. 

Chow Chow’s Dietary Needs 

Most Chow Chows will do well on high-quality dog food, and the breed is not necessarily more prone to food allergies than the average dog. 

Adult Chow Chows eat around three cups of food a day, and it is recommended that this portion be separated into two different meals. 

Chow Chow Health Concerns 

Like with all types of dogs, the Chow Chow is susceptible to some health conditions. 

The good news is, like all other types of purebred dogs, these conditions can be predicted and prevented through reputable breeding. 

Here are some health issues that have been reported in the Chow Chow breed. 

  • Hip Dysplasia 
  • Elbow Dysplasia 
  • Patellar Luxation 
  • Cataracts 
  • Elongated Palate 
  • Distichiasis (abnormality with the eyelashes) 
  • Gastric Torsion 
  • GDV or Bloat 
  • Stenotic Nares (abnormality making nostrils smaller than usual) 
  • Persistent Pupillary Membrane (eye condition) 

Luckily, many of these health problems are preventable when a breeder does the proper health and genetic testing for the Chow Chow. 

This will prevent their puppies from developing genetic health problems from their parents that could have been prevented. 

As of now, the recommended health tests for Chow Chows include: 

  • Patella Evaluation 
  • Hip evaluation 
  • Elbow evaluation 
  • Thyroid evaluation 
  • Ophthalmologist evaluation

Every good Chow Chow breeder will get all of their dogs cleared through the above health testing before breeding them. 

This health testing should be done by a qualified veterinary specialist, and the breeder should be able to show proof of this health testing upon request. 

Chow Chow Life Expectancy 

The average life expectancy for a Chow Chow is 8 to 12 years. 

Properly taking care of your Chow Chow and getting them from a reputable breeder will help ensure that your dog lives as long of a life as possible. 

Chow Chow’s Temperament

The Chow Chow is known to be a dog with an aloof personality and a protective nature. This makes the Chow Chow a great candidate for those looking for a guard dog. 

However, this reserved temperament makes them a bit temperamental when it comes to strangers. This includes both strange people and strange dogs. 

Are Chow Chows Difficult To Train? 

The Chow Chow is a dog that is moderately difficult to train when it comes to basic obedience commands due to its independent nature. 

Chows tend to do best with training that uses positive reinforcement such as clicker training. 

It is also a good idea to expose a Chow Chow puppy to as much early socialization as possible. 

This includes exposing your Chow Chow to as many people, animals, and environments as you can when they are still at a young age. 

On the other hand, potty training Chow Chow puppies is reported to be easier than it is for the average dog. 

This is because Chow Chows love to be clean, and they do not like soiling the areas where they sleep and play. 

Are Chow Chows Good With Children? 

Chow Chows tend to do pretty well around children, especially when they are older in age. 

However, small children should always be supervised by an adult when around a Chow Chow. This is because a Chow could easily knock a small child over.

Chows are not very tolerant of some behaviors that small children tend to do with dogs such as squeezing, poking, and pinching. 

Proper socialization is extremely important when having a Chow Chow around children. 

Are Chow Chows Good With Other Pets? 

Unfortunately, Chow Chows are not necessarily the best choice if you have other pets. 

Chows can do alright around cats and other dogs when properly trained.

However, their strong prey drive and territorial temperament mean that they will always need to be supervised when around other pets. 

Are Chow Chows Good Family Dogs?

The Chow Chow can be a good family dog for families that are willing to extensively train and socialize their dog. 

Similarly, Chows tend to be a better fit for families with older children and no other pets. 

How Much Does a Chow Chow Cost? 

The average price for a Chow Chow puppy from a responsible breeder will cost somewhere between $1,000 and $4,000 in the United States. 

There are also many great Chow Chow rescue groups that will have adoption fees that are less than this though.

How to Find a Reputable Chow Chow Breeder 

Finding a good breeder when getting a Chow Chow puppy is very important. 

This is because Chow Chows from reputable breeders tend to be in better health and have better temperaments than Chow Chows from other sources like a pet store. 

Here are some things that every good Chow Chow breeder will do. 

Popular Chow Chow Names

These are unique dogs so make sure to give your Chow Chow a worthy name.

  • Abby
  • Bella
  • Charlie
  • Daisy
  • Loki
  • Maddie
  • Milo
  • Roxy
  • Teddy
  • Thor

Related Chow Chow Questions 

What Does the Name Chow Chow Mean? 

It is believed that the dog breed name Chow Chow comes from a term used in shipping in the late 1700s and throughout the 1800s. 

At that time the term “chow chow” essentially meant knick-knacks or a group of miscellaneous objects. 

Oftentimes the dogs that we know to be Chow Chows today were lumped in with these objects during shipping, and this is believed to be where they got the name. 

Do Chow Chow Dogs Like to Cuddle?

Despite their cute, fuzzy, almost teddy bear appearance Chows generally are not the most friendly breed when it comes to snuggling up with you.

They tend to be a little aloof at times, especially with strangers. So don’t feel bad if your Chow is not wanting to sit on your lap or have you holding them.

Can Chow Chows Live In Apartments? 

Although it may be surprising, Chow Chows are known to do pretty well in apartments and urban environments.

This is because Chow Chows do not need much exercise, and they are usually fine with just daily walks. 

Consider a Chow Chow as Your Family Pet 

Chow Chows can make a great choice for those looking for a dog that they do not mind providing extensive training and socializing.

This is especially true if you are also looking for a great guard dog. 

Chow Chows can also be a great fit for families that have older children, and Chows also tend to adapt well to apartments and city living. 

These dogs are also relatively low maintenance care-wise, as long as their owner does not mind brushing their fur regularly.

What is a Chow Chow Dog

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