Small Teacup Dog Breeds

Small Teacup Dog Breeds [cutest most popular tiny dogs ever with pictures]

There are many different types of toy breeds that can come in a tiny teacup size naturally. Among some of the most popular of these toy breeds are the Chihuahua, the Yorkshire Terrier, and the adorable teacup Pomeranian. Some dog breeders have also created designer breeds that are bred to be tiny in size as well. 

Tiny dog breeds have been popular amongst royalty and celebrities like Paris Hilton for a long time. This is mainly due to these dogs’ adorable appearances and how easy they are for people to handle. 

cute tiny dog breeds
Cute Tiny Dog Breeds

Not to mention, little teacup dogs can be carried around easily in your arms or even in a purse. This can be great for people who are frequently on the go. 

In this article, we will be explaining everything that dog lovers need to know about tiny teacup dog breeds. 

This includes what to look for in a teacup puppy and what some of the best toy dog breeds are. Keep reading to learn more about amazing teacup dogs! 

What Is a Teacup Dog? 

A teacup dog breed is a dog that can literally fit into a teacup as a puppy, and many of these dogs stay a tiny size even into adulthood. 

Most of the time these teacup breeds are small and considered to be of teacup size naturally. 

A great example of this is the Chihuahua. This is because Chihuahuas are only supposed to weigh between 3 and 6 pounds according to their breed standard. 

What Is a Teacup Dog
What Is a Teacup Dog?

There have also been some cases where dog breeders take a larger dog breed and attempt to breed them to a smaller size. 

This is done by mixing the larger breeds with smaller ones. A good example of a larger dog being bred smaller is the pocket beagle. 

Pocket Beagles are a mix between a Beagle and much smaller dogs such as a Chihuahua. This creates a dog that looks a lot like a Beagle that is tiny in size.

Of course, some other designer dog breeds and breed mixes can be very small as well. The teacup Maltipoo is a cross between Maltese dogs and Toy Poodles. 

Both of these dog breeds are very small and can be teacup sized naturally, so it is no surprise that this cross tends to be tiny as well. 

Are Teacup Dog Breeds Bred Ethically? 

The answer to this question is complicated, and the results can be mixed. 

When it comes to dog breeds that are tiny according to their breed standard with the American Kennel Club, responsible breeders will likely have miniature versions of that breed from time to time. 

This is because this tiny size is naturally occurring and is recognized within the breed. 

That being said, breeders should not be breeding for this teacup size on purpose. This is because breeding excessively small dogs can lead to a lot of health problems. 

Most of the time these health issues can be avoided if a breeder was aiming to remain within a dog’s breed standard. 

Similarly, a reputable breeder will never breed down a dog breed’s size by mixing them with other dog breeds. 

This is especially true if this small size could cause the dog negative health complications. This can sometimes be seen in designer breeds like the teacup beagle. 

Eight Teacup Dog Breeds 

Luckily, there are many different options for dog breeds that are naturally tiny. Here we have composed a list of the most popular teacup dog breeds that can be bred ethically. 

Teacup Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is one of the most popular teacup breeds on our list, and seeing a tiny teacup Chihuahua is not at all uncommon. 

This is because Chihuahuas are naturally very tiny dogs, and according to their breed standard, they should not exceed six pounds in weight.

Teacup Chihuahua
Teacup Chihuahua

Chihuahua is a dog breed of ancient origin, and they hail from present-day Mexico. Today these dogs are still popular in their home country of Mexico as well as in other parts of the world such as the United States. 

Chihuahuas can have both a short and a long silky coat, and they can come in a wide variety of coat colors. 

These vocal dogs make excellent watchdogs, and Chihuahuas are also known to be very intelligent and affectionate with their owners. 

It is important to mention that Chihuahuas do not tend to do well around small children and big dogs. 

This is because these teacup pups can easily become injured by interacting with them. 

Teacup Yorkshire Terrier

Like the Chihuahua, it is not unusual to see a teacup Yorkie. 

This is because the Yorkshire Terrier only typically weighs around seven pounds, and it is not unusual for them to be a bit smaller than this on occasion. 

Although the Yorkshire terrier became one of the most popular small dog breeds among European nobility at the end of the nineteenth century, the Yorkie has beginnings that are a bit less glamorous.

Teacup Yorkshire Terrier
Teacup Yorkshire Terrier

This is because Yorkies were commonly used by the working class to get rid of vermin-like rats and mice, particularly in textile mills. 

Today the Yorkshire Terrier is still a popular companion for the elite and common man alike, and there is a very good reason for that. 

These dogs are known to be very affectionate with their family members, and they also tend to do well around older children and other small dogs. 

Keep in mind though that the Yorkie does require regular grooming. They are a fairly vocal breed as well. 

Teacup Toy Poodle

Poodles have long been revered for their beauty, and the Toy Poodle is truly the teacup version of this dog breed. 

The Toy Poodle is another one of those small breeds that are naturally micro dogs, as they should only weigh between four and six pounds. 

Teacup Toy Poodle
Teacup Toy Poodle

Although standard and miniature-sized Poodles have been around for a long time, the Toy Poodle was only first created in the 1900s. 

The Toy Poodle was bred to be the ideal companion for those living in a small space. 

Today the teacup Poodle is one of the best toy breed dogs for families that do mind having to regularly groom their dog’s curly coat. 

Toy Poodles are also known to be incredibly intelligent dogs that need plenty of mental stimulation. 

Teacup Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu can weigh anywhere between 9 and 16 pounds, which means that the teacup Shih Tzu is definitely possible. 

This means that smaller Shih Tzus occur naturally on a fairly regular basis. 

The Shih Tzu actually has a very long and colorful history. Originating in Tibet, Buddhist monks created these little dogs to be a lap warmer and a companion. 

Teacup Shih Tzu
Teacup Shih Tzu

Over time the Chinese nobility fell in love with the Shih Tzu as well, and they continued breeding these tiny pups. 

Shih Tzus remains to be one of the most popular small breeds to this day. This is not only for their small stature and cute appearance but for their loving personalities as well. 

Shih Tzus are also known to be a great fit for families as they tend to do well around children and other pets. 

Teacup Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested is not only famous for its small teacup size, but for its hairless bodies as well. 

Chinese Cresteds only weigh between eight and twelve pounds, and they only have tufts of hair on their heads and occasionally on their tails and feet. 

The history of the Chinese Crested is long, and they are most famously known for being a dog that Chinese sailors brought with them on ships to eliminate vermin-like mice. 

Teacup Chinese Crested
Teacup Chinese Crested

Since the Chinese Crested is historically a seafaring dog, they have been introduced to many parts of the globe over time. 

This includes parts of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. 

Chinese Cresteds tend to be dogs that are fairly trainable, friendly, and playful. 

Although Cresteds do not need to be brushed too often, Chinese Crested owners will need to be extra careful about taking care of their dog’s exposed skin. 

Teacup Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin is a very small dog breed, and they should only weigh between seven and eleven pounds. 

The Japanese Chin’s small size, luxurious coat, and pushed-in faces make the breed a favorite among many to this day. 

The Japanese Chin is actually believed to be of Chinese origin, and the breed was given to a Japanese emperor as a gift. 

Teacup Japanese Chin
Teacup Japanese Chin

This royal family loved the breed so much that they continued breeding them, and this is how the breed got its name. 

Since then the breed has been slowly spread throughout the world. 

Today Japanese Chins can be a good choice for those with other dogs as they tend to behave very well around them. 

The Japanese Chin has long hair, so prospective owners will need to know that Japanese Chins need daily brushings to keep their hair tangle and mat free. 

Teacup Maltese

The Maltese are possibly the first teacup dog breed to ever be bred. Their modern breed standard states that they should never be larger than seven pounds. 

Every Maltese can trace their lineage to the island of Malta, which is where the breed was originally created. 

Teacup Maltese
Teacup Maltese

The small white Maltese can be dated as far back as ancient Greece and Rome, and they have been beloved housepets of the rich, famous, and noble ever since that time. 

The Maltese is an incredibly affectionate dog breed that has relatively low energy needs. This makes the Maltese an ideal choice for those living in small apartments. 

Like all other long-haired dogs though, the Maltese require regular grooming to keep their coat in good shape. 

Teacup Pomeranian

Another true teacup-sized dog, the Pomeranian is among one of the smallest dog breeds on the planet. 

Though their puffy coats can make them appear to be larger, the Pomeranian should only weigh between three and seven pounds. 

The Pomeranian is a very old dog breed hailing from the Pomerania region in Europe, and they are closely related to larger spitz-type breeds like the Siberian Husky. 

Teacup Pomeranian
Teacup Pomeranian

Once being used as a watchdog on farms, the Pomeranian quickly rose in ranking as members of European nobility took a liking to them. 

Queen Victoria is responsible for making the Pomeranian as we know it today in both size and coat color. 

The Pomeranian remains to be one of the most popular breeds in Europe and the United States. 

This is due to the Pomeranian’s adorable appearance and bold attitude. These lively teacup dogs also love going for short walks and learning new tricks. 

Other Teacup Dogs

There is a trend these days to breed small teacup size dogs as they are in demand. 

While we don’t support this type of breeding at Amity Pets we feel we would be amiss to not discuss some of them.

Teacup Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is an adorable small dog breed with an eye-catching white puffy fur coat. 

They also have a great personality so naturally, designer dog breeders thought they should create a Teacup Bichon Frise as it would be even cuter!

While cute as a button, the Teacup Bichon Frise dog is not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), and this type of breeding is frowned upon by many.

How Much Does a Teacup Bichon Frise Puppy Cost?

It is not unusual to pay between $2000 and $4500 for a Teacup Bichon Frise puppy from a quality breeder.

Teacup Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon is another toy dog that designer breeders have produced a teacup version of because they are such cute and appealing dogs.

The Brussels Griffon has a cool shaggy look to it and many love the little beard this dog has in addition to its big personality. Teacup Brussels Griffon dogs are becoming very popular.

How Much Does a Teacup Brussels Griffon Puppy Cost?

Depending on what designer dog boutique you purchase from, prices generally range between $1500 to $3000 for a Teacup Brussels Griffon puppy.

Teacup Pug

A Teacup Pug is not a recognized dog breed. Usually, Teacup Pugs come about by breeding a Chihuahua with a Pug with the goal of creating a very small Pug.

Teacup Pugs usually only stand about six inches tall and weigh between only two and four pounds. 

How Much Does a Teacup Pug Puppy Cost?

You may be surprised but Teacup Pugs tend to be very expensive! While you may find a lower price if you look around some Teacup Pugs sell for $3000 or more!

Are Teacup Pugs Illegal?

No, but many consider the breeding of a Teacup Pug to be unethical. 

These types of dogs are often called designer dogs and people create them for vanity in my opinion but to each their own I suppose.

Related Teacup Dog Breed Questions 

Are Teacup Dogs Good With Children? 

Teacup dog breeds are not recommended for families with small children. This is because young children could seriously harm a teacup dog easily. 

Older children that have been instructed how to handle and play with a teacup-sized dog safely are better suited for these tiny dogs.  

How Much Does a Teacup Dog Weigh? 

Most of the time teacup dogs only weigh a few pounds. Between three and six pounds is the most common weight of a teacup dog. 

However, some pet owners consider dogs that are slightly larger than this to be teacup sized as well. 

How Many Types of Teacup Dog Breeds Are There? 

There are many toy dogs that can be teacup size. Most of the dog breeds in the AKC’s toy group can be teacup sized naturally. 

Of course, there are some designer breeds that can be teacup sized as well.

Are Teacup Dogs Hypoallergenic?

Some will say a dog is hypoallergenic but really they are not. No dog is truly hypoallergenic but some breeds are better for allergy sufferers than others so do your research on each breed.

Teacup dogs are no more or less hypoallergenic than their larger size brothers and sisters.

What is the Smallest Dog Breed? 

 The smallest purebred dog breed is the Chihuahua. This is because they are a consistent tiny size. 

However, some other dog breeds can be as small as the Chihuahua in some circumstances. 

A good example of this is the Maltese. A purebred Maltese can be as large as seven pounds, but they can also be smaller than this. 

This means that some other dog breeds can be as small as a Chihuahua, even if not every dog of that breed is that small in size. 


There are many great small breed dogs out there that can also be teacup sized naturally. 

When looking for teacup puppies choosing one that can naturally be micro-sized will help ensure that you get a dog that is healthy throughout its life. 

Although there are some other kinds of designer teacup dog breeds out there, these dogs are often bred by unethical breeders. 

Many of these designer teacup breeds may have health problems as a result of their reduced size as well.

Small Teacup Dog Breeds

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