Long Legged Dog Breeds

Long Legged Dog Breeds [vs short leg dog breeds]

Some dog breeds are known as long-legged dogs. These dogs are generally part of the hound family and stand out due to their long legs. Long-legged dogs are typically close relatives of the wolf. They bring with them a unique history of interaction with humans. Because of this unique look, long-legged dogs have become popular.

Read on to learn more about what defines long-legged dog breeds and also some short-legged dog breeds for contrast.

dogs with long legs
Dogs With Long Legs

Characteristics of Long Legged Dog Breeds

Long-legged dog breeds have specific characteristics that make them very active and good companion dogs. 

Since they tend to tower over other dogs, they are considered unique.


Long-legged dog breeds are known for their tall height and slender bodies. These dogs are typically known for being part of the hound family and have hunting dog characteristics. 

Their legs are said to resemble their ancestors, wolves.

Exercise Requirements

These dogs typically have powerhouse-type bodies and are great for hunting or other athletic activities. 

They like to be active and will require more exercise than other dog breeds. Long-legged dogs tend to move fast and have muscular, slender bodies.

Characteristics of Long Legged Dog Breeds
Characteristics of Long Legged Dog Breeds


Typically these taller dogs are known for being quiet breeds. They look intimidating, but they tend not to bark much.

This is a positive trait for hunting so they don’t scare away their prey. 

Posture and Personality

Long-legged dogs typically have an elegant posture and seem to move very gracefully. 

Long legs make them tall, but they utilize them to move quickly and have power behind their movement when running. 

They may seem startling due to their quick actions, but they are usually reserved and hold themselves regally and aloof.


In general, a larger dog will have a shorter life span than a smaller dog. They tend to age faster because of their size and are more at risk for health issues, such as cancer. 

Their average lifespan is between nine to 12 years in comparison to 12 to 15 years for smaller dogs.

Long Legged Dog Breeds

Each of these dog breeds has different characteristics that make them unique. They are also large, strong dogs.

Their powerful legs help them to move quickly and enjoy an active lifestyle.

Afghan Hound Dog

The regal Afghan hound is known for its long silky coats. They may seem aloof and challenging to train because they do not like to be bored. 

Afghan Hound Dog
Afghan Hound Dog

Instead, they need plenty of exercise. With proper training, they can be loveable affectionate pets.

Because of their tall thin stature, they have longer coats which require lots of grooming.

Akbash Dog

These large dogs are known for being ancient purebreds originating from Turkey. They are independent and bark a lot. This makes them excellent guard dogs.

They can stand up to thirty-four inches tall. Their thick white coat makes them look like polar bears.

Akbash dogs do not require much exercise. They tend to be content just hanging out with you.

Australian Cattle Dog

They are resilient and robust herders. Their long legs help to round up cattle on the farm. They are affectionate, loyal, and brilliant. 

They tend to need lots of stimulating entertainment to keep themselves busy. They enjoy long walks and plenty of exercise. 

Australian Cattle dogs have a docked tail and a long head keeping them above other herding dogs.

Bedlington Terrier Dog

Bedlington terriers are known to be very affectionate and loyal dogs. They tend to have thin skin, short coats, and large bones that give them elongated legs and bodies. 

They need plenty of exercise to stay healthy and occupied.

Borzoi Dog

The Russian aristocracy bred these dogs to chase down wolves so they are very fast. The Borzoi is also known for their elegant regal demeanor and their long coats. 

They can run at around 40 mph so take their need for an active environment in mind if you make one part of your family.

They are known for being gentle and good companion dogs.

Burmese Mountain Dog

The Burmese Mountain Dog can stand 27 inches high and has a thick fluffy coat with a tri-colored coat creating a majestic appearance. 

Bernese Mountain Dog
Bernese Mountain Dog

They are extremely loveable, have a great personality, and are strong workers often used to pull carts. 

Chow Chow Dog

They are medium-sized, deep-chested dogs that have long legs. They have lion hair and tend to be fiercely protective.

The Chow Chow dog has a short tail and large eyes that make them seem like a toy breed.

German Shepherd Dog

One of the most complicated worker dogs is the German Shepherd. They are incredibly loyal and enjoy working on various tasks. 

They are known for being rugged and versatile dogs that like to please their owners.

Great Dane Dog

Great Danes are one of the most well-known dogs on this list. Great Danes are popular companions for active families. They are known for being gentle giants with large hearts. 

They may seem imposing with their 32-inch tall body but they enjoy being active and around their family.

Great Dane Dog
Great Dane Dog

Himalayan Sheepdog

The Himalayan Sheepdog is also called the Himalayan Mastiff and has its origins in the rugged Himalayan Mountains.

They are bred as guard dogs and to protect animal herds. Generally, they are not as tall as some of the other long-legged dogs on this list but they are still big.

Himalayan Sheepdogs that are bred in captivity tend to be larger than ones born in the wild. The Himalayan Sheepdog has thick hair and needs regular grooming, especially in the winter.

Ibizan Hound Dog

These dogs are incredibly loyal and affectionate creatures. They need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. 

Their long legs allow them to be quick and swift hunters but they also enjoy occasional relaxing times.

Irish Wolfhound Dog

Irish Wolfhounds are known for their hunting lifestyles. Historically, they were used to hunt wolves and Elk. They are serene and around three feet tall. 

Their active lifestyles require lots of work on your part, but they are loveable companions.

Irish Wolfhound Dog
Irish Wolfhound Dog

Italian Greyhound Dog

The Italian greyhound was a rare breed in the United States up to 20 years ago. They are large dogs and tend to tower over others.

Don’t let their size fool you though, they are highly affectionate dogs.

Kanni Dog

These dogs resemble greyhounds, but they are smaller and have shorter coats. They are just as active as greyhounds and require lots of room to exercise. 

Kanni dogs are highly protective of their owners and are known for being independent. This can make them skilled hunting and agility dogs.

Karakachan Dog

The Karakachan dog hails from Bulgaria and is another large, strong mountain dog that is mostly used for herd protection.

They are famous for being willing to fight wolves and bears to protect livestock.

Komondor Dog

The Komondor Dog may be one of the most interesting-looking dogs you have ever seen! These large working dogs have a long fur coat that naturally curls and mats. It is something to see!

Komondor Dog
Komondor Dog

The Komondor Dogs’ loud bark and fierce loyalty help make them one of the best guard dogs available.

Kuvasz Dog

Originating in Hungary the Kuvasz dog is famous for its incredible white coat. This hard-working, strong dog was said to often be the companion of Hungarian Royals.

As with many of the large dog breeds, the Kuvasz makes a great protector dog for livestock animals. In addition to their strength and large size, Kuvasz dogs are quick and have great agility.

The Kuvasz dog is rarely seen outside of Hungary.

Peruvian Inca Orchid Dog

These tall dogs with long tails and skinny bodies are noticed quickly due to their regal-like look. 

Peruvian Inca Orchid Dog
Peruvian Inca Orchid Dog

They are incredibly loyal to their owners but should be carefully supervised when around small animals as they are hunters of small prey.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog is a strong working dog that can be up to 32 inches tall and weigh 100 pounds. They were bred to protect the flocks from wolves and other mountain predators.

Pyrenean Mountain Dogs are known for their beautiful white coat that is excellent for repelling water which is important in the high mountains.

Saluki Dog

These dogs are thin and robust like Gazelles. They seem very regal and elegant in their movements.

Saluki dogs are known for being able to run long distances and are very loyal to their families. 

Bred for Sheiks of the Middle East they are known for being very expensive dogs.

Scottish Deerhound Dog

These big dogs, standing at least 32 inches tall, are often called gentle giants. Their shaggy gray appearance may make them seem more aggressive than they are. 

Scottish Deerhound Dog
Scottish Deerhound Dog

Their tall legs come from their past hunting style chasing after deer. They need lots of socialization to make good companionable pets.

Silken Windhound Dog

If you have never heard of this unique breed don’t feel bad because it is relatively new.

The Silken Windhound is becoming more and more popular as a family pet because of its excellent personality and great looks.

This long-legged dog was bred to require minimal grooming, be very friendly, and have a long lifespan.

Sloughi Dog

These dogs are known for their hunting skills and quick speed. They function best when they are close to their family and away from strangers. 

They like to be active but also enjoy relaxing.

Slovak Cuvac Dog

Another mountain dog, the Slovak Cuvac only comes in white color and is known for the courage to protect livestock from all potential threats.

Their thick white coat protects them from the cold mountain conditions where they work. The Slovak Cuvac dog can trace its origins back to Arctic wolves.

South Russian Ovcharka Dog

The South Russian Ovcharka is a large dog used for herding animals. They have a fluffy, curly coat and are known for having great endurance and being able to work long hours.

Being very protective in nature, the South Russian Ovcharka dog is also used for security.

St. Bernard Dog

St. Bernards are fairly well-known large-sized dogs. When they are standing on their hind legs, they are almost as tall as a human. 

They have large dark brown eyes and playful personalities that shine when playing with anything or anyone.

Whippet Dog

These British dogs are known for their agility. They can run fast but also are known for being lazy.

Whippet Dog
Whippet Dog

They are suitable for apartments because they tend not to bark much yet are still protective of their family.

Long Legged Dogs Compared to Short Legged Dogs

Short Legged Breed of Dog

Short-legged dog breeds have a gene mutation that makes their legs smaller. The amount of protein produced to help produce strong and more prominent bones is stunted. 

Instead, the dogs grow large-sized heads and bodies like long-legged dogs,  but with short legs. Other characteristics differentiate these small dogs from their longer-legged counterparts.

Longer Life Spans

It has been proven that smaller dogs live longer lives than big long-legged dogs. These dogs tend not to age as fast and keep their bodies more limber longer. 

Bred For Specific Purposes

Even though a gene mutation created short-legged dog breeds, they were still bred for specific purposes. 

For example, a Corgi was born to be a herding dog that could stay under the hooves of horses without getting hurt.

Terrier breeds are known for being small and able to get into tiny spaces.

These dogs are used for specific reasons and can help their owners complete various tasks, making them more helpful in certain areas than larger dogs.


Short-legged dogs are well known for being good companion dogs. They tend to enjoy less active lifestyles and are more comfortable being around humans. 

These dogs also are good at training and are typically eager to please their owners. Their longer life spans make them popular for families.

Short Legged Breed of Dog

Basset Hound Dog

This breed has short leg legs but they are powerful strength and have great stamina. This allows them to keep up with the longer-legged dogs.

The Basset Hounds mighty nose makes this dog an asset when hunting sniffing out game.

Their large domed heads, floppy ears,  and sagging eyes give them a silly look, but they are rather affectionate and enjoy movement and activity. 

Corgi Dog

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi are the more popular and well-known breeds, but both species have been bred together for years. 

The Pembrooke is known for its erect and rounded ears, while the Cardigan is known for its long tail.

Dachshund Dog

Otherwise known as Sausage dogs, Badger dogs, or Weiner dogs, Dachshunds have a low and long profile that keeps them low to the ground. 

These dogs are energetic and enjoy active lifestyles. They usually are known for their three unique types, either long-haired, wiry, or smooth (hairless). 

They are a beloved dog breed and are known for being in charge of the house.

Terrier Dog

Terriers come in many different types, making them a popular dog breed. There are many kinds of terriers, and not all are short-legged like the Bedlington terrier. 

Scottish terriers and Jack Russel terriers are some of the most well-known and are loved for being loyal household pets. 

Terriers require patient training because they can be stubborn and are known for being extremely intelligent. 

The  Scottish Terrier, Skye Terrier, Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Australian Terrier, and Cairn Terrier have long hair and unique looks. 

Jack Russel Terriers, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Rat Terrier, and the American Staffordshire Bull Terrier have short hair that shows their rather muscular bodies. 

Shi Tzu Dog

Shi Tzus are the ultimate companion dogs. They are known for being small energetic dogs and full of personality. 

Their long fine coats need a lot of grooming but they are happy dogs.

Tibetan Spaniel Dog

These dogs are best known for their work as sentinels on the walls of Tibetan Monasteries. They are known for having a lion’s mane appearance and expressive eyes. 

They move quickly and usually with a purpose. Because of their sentinel work, they are highly loyal to their humans and can be great companion dogs.

Bulldog Dog

The English Bulldog is known for its scrunched-up face and energetic personality. They are typically medium-sized dogs but tend to have shorter legs than other medium-sized dogs

They are such a popular dog breed that many sports teams in the United States have used them as a mascot.

The French Bulldog is basically just a smaller English Bulldog. They are very similar dogs. 

Bulldogs do not require much exercise and are excellent companion dogs. They tend to have shiny, thick coats and are happy lap dogs.

Bichon Frise Dog

These small dogs are known for looking like white puffy clouds. They are one of the oldest breeds like Maltese, Havanese, or Bolognese

The Bichon Frise is close to being hypoallergenic and is known for being innovative. They can perform tricks efficiently due to their intelligence and constant desire to please their humans.


Long-legged dogs are a very special and unique choice of animal to have as a pet.

Long Legged Dog Breeds

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