French Bulldog Colors

French Bulldog Colors [amazing colors with pictures]

French Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. They come in a very wide variety of colors and patterns. Some of these coat colors are much rarer than others. 

Even though there are many different colors that Frenchies come in, only a few are officially recognized by the American Kennel Club. These official coat colors and patterns include brindle, cream, fawn, pied, and white. You will still see coat colors like blue or chocolate and coat patterns like merle in French Bulldogs. 

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the French Bulldog and all its beautiful coat colors!

french bulldog breed standards
French Bulldog Breed Standards

AKC Breed Standard French Bulldog Colors 

The American Kennel Club (AKC) sets breed standards for what coat colors and patterns are officially allowed for purebred French Bulldogs.

This means that even though you may see French Bulldogs that come in many different colors, only a few standard colors are officially recognized. 

In most coat types white markings and a black muzzle are officially allowed.


These are also among the most common French Bulldog colors. 

AKC Breed Standard French Bulldog Coat Requirements

According to the AKC French Bulldog breed standard, the Frenchie should have a short coat that is silky and smooth to the touch. 

White French Bulldog 

White Frenchies are typically all white dogs with a black nose. This is one of the most common French Bulldog colors, and it is officially recognized according to AKC standards. 

White French Bulldog 
White French Bulldog 

Despite white being one of the more common colors in Frenchies, it is still among one of the most popular. 

This is because white French Bulldogs are really among one of the cutest. 

Fawn French Bulldog 

Fawn Frenchies are also among one of the most common and popular. This coat type can range from light fawn to a deeper red fawn. 

In fawn French Bulldogs, it is not uncommon for them to have a black mask.

Fawn French Bulldog
Fawn French Bulldog

This is considered acceptable according to the Frenchie breed standard no matter if they have a light or dark fawn coat. 

Fawn dogs are fairly common and also fairly popular due to their cute appearance, and Frenchies with a fawn coat are no exception. 

Those who love the fawn color can rest easy knowing that fawn hairs on a French Bulldog are officially accepted by the AKC. 

Cream French Bulldog

Cream Frenchies are also officially recognized, and this color lies somewhere in between white and fawn. 

Cream French Bulldog
Cream French Bulldog

The cream color should be solid throughout the coat, and though they can look similar to light fawn Frenchies they are genetically different. 

Pied French Bulldog 

Pied French Bulldogs appear to have a white coat that includes patches of color. These patches can technically come in any coat color that is possible in Frenchies. 

Fawn pied and brindle pied are the only types that are officially mentioned within the French Bulldog breed standard. 

Pied French Bulldog
Pied French Bulldog

One of the favorite colors in the pied pattern is fawn. In this case, the French Bulldog will appear to have a white dominant color in its coat with fawn markings. 

Brindle French Bulldog 

Brindle Frenchies have a classic look to them, and this is yet another coat type that is both common and popular. 

The brindle pattern involves a mixture of black hairs with colored hairs.  Oftentimes people describe brindle dogs as appearing to have tiger stripes. 

In French Bulldogs the brindle pattern can technically come in any coat color possible in the breed. 

Brindle French Bulldog
Brindle French Bulldog

Technically this includes coats like chocolate brindle and blue brindle. Only the fawn brindle and dark brindle coat types are officially recognized.

Unofficial and Rare French Bulldog Colors 

In addition to the officially recognized more common colors, there are also rare colors. These rare French Bulldogs are also sometimes described as having exotic coat colors. 

However, just because a coat color is not officially recognized does not mean that it is not popular. Here are some French Bulldog colors that are rare. 

Sable French Bulldog

Sable French bulldogs have a unique and highly sought-after appearance. The sable coat color is created when a dog has a fawn base coat color with black tips. 

This coloration should be uniform throughout the dog’s coat in order for it to be considered sable.

Black French Bulldog

Black Frenchies, though popular and fairly common, are not actually officially recognized by the AKC. There are a couple of reasons why this is the case. 

The first reason why the black coat is not official in French Bulldogs is that it is widely not considered ethical in purebred Frenchies. 

This is because even though there is a recessive gene in French Bulldogs that creates a black coat, there are often a lot of health problems that occur alongside it. 

Some backyard French Bulldog breeders get around this problem by mixing Frenchies and pugs together. 

This creates a solid black dog or a mostly pure black dog that has a white chest. 

Even though this black dog does not usually have any genetic defects, it is not considered to be a purebred Frenchie, and thus not officially recognized by the AKC. 

Luckily, there are other coat options available to those who are looking for a purebred French Bulldog that has a coat in a solid color.

Chocolate French Bulldog

Chocolate Frenchies are yet another one of those rare French Bulldogs, and the chocolate gene is responsible for this coat color. 

This recessive gene is naturally occurring in French Bulldogs, and it is also fairly rare. 

There are no medical problems associated with the chocolate coat color. 

It is believed that this coat color is not officially recognized simply because it was not commonly seen when the breed standard was created due to its rarity. 

Black and Tan French Bulldog

Black and tan Frenchies and Chocolate and tan Frenchies are not officially recognized coat colors either. 

Like chocolate French Bulldogs, this coat type is mainly unrecognized because of its rarity. 

This means that when the French Bulldog breed standard was created no black and tan or chocolate and tan Frenchies were seen. 

This is simply because this naturally occurring coat color hadn’t appeared yet. 

Blue French Bulldog

Blue Frenchies are possibly one of the unrecognized coat colors that is seen most often. 

This is mainly thanks to the popularity of this coat color, which can range from light blue to dark. 

There are other options besides the solid blue coat, though. This includes blue brindle, blue fawn, blue and tan, and the ever-popular blue merle. 

Unfortunately, like solid blue, none of these coat types are officially recognized by the AKC. 

One of the main reasons why blue French Bulldogs are not officially recognized is the number of health problems that are associated with this coat coloration within the breed. 

Merle French Bulldog

Like all of the other rare coat colors on our list, merle French Bulldogs are not recognized by the AKC or the French Bulldog Club of America. 

This includes any type of merle including the popular blue merle and chocolate merle types. 

Like with most merle dogs, there are also some medical problems associated with merle Frenchies.

Particularly those with two copies of the dominant gene causing the merle coat pattern. 

Lilac French Bulldog

Liver or lilac Frenchies are a relatively new coloration, and the coat color is essentially a diluted version of the chocolate gene. 

Lilac dogs are mainly popular due to their unique coat color. 

Considering that this coat type was not seen in French Bulldogs until 2011, it is not surprising that they are not considered to be an official coat color. 

Like blue French Bulldogs, lilac Frenchies may be at a greater risk for developing health problems as well. 

Isabella French Bulldog

Isabella French Bulldogs essentially looks like a lighter version of the chocolate and tan French Bulldog. 

This coat coloration is incredibly rare and is still unrecognized by the French Bulldog Club of America and AKC. 

Isabella French Bulldogs may also be susceptible to more health conditions than Frenchies of recognized colors are. 

This is mainly thanks to the rare genetic makeup of these dogs that can contain genetic defects such as color dilution alopecia. 

Black and White French Bulldog

When looking into French Bulldogs you will likely come across the black and white Frenchie. 

Usually, these dogs will be mostly white with black spots and black coloring on the face. 

Although this often appears similar to the recognized pied coat pattern, black and white French Bulldogs are still not officially recognized. 

This is mainly because the black coat coloration is usually a sign that there has been a French Bulldog Pug mixed breed somewhere within the dog’s pedigree. 

This means that most French Bulldogs that are black and white are not technically a purebred French Bulldog. 

In the rare case that a black and white Frenchie is purebred, there are usually some negative health effects associated with it. 

Related French Bulldog Coat Color Questions 

What Is Color Dilution Alopecia? 

Color dilution alopecia is a medical condition that is genetically passed down in French Bulldogs, and it is caused by the color dilution gene. 

This gene occurs in some of the rare and unofficial coat colors on our list like blue. 

When a dog has color dilution alopecia they will likely have patchy hair loss, and they can also have itchy and flaky skin. 

What Is The Rarest French Bulldog Color? 

It is estimated that the rarest coat color in French Bulldogs is the blue merle. This is because it requires two genes that are fairly rare, the merle gene and the blue gene. 

This coat type is also rare because of the health problems that can be potentially linked to both of these genes.

This is why most responsible breeders shy away from producing this coat type in a French Bulldog. 

What Colors Are Acceptable For French Bulldogs? 

Brindle, cream, fawn, pied, and white Frenchies are the only types that are officially acceptable colors according to the AKC. 

These colors can also have a black mask over the muzzle. 

Are Fluffy Frenchies Officially Recognized? 

No, fluffy French Bulldogs are not officially recognized by the AKC. 

According to the French Bulldog breed standard, Frenchies are supposed to have a short, silky coat. 

What’s The Most Expensive Frenchie? 

In addition to being the rarest, the blue merle French Bulldog also tends to be the most expensive. This is mostly due to the rarity and attractiveness of the coat type. 

However, blue merles can also have health issues if bred irresponsibly. 

It is always recommended that you get a Frenchie from a reputable breeder, which will also lead to a high price tag though.

What Color Is The Cheapest French Bulldog? 

The cheapest French Bulldogs tend to be those of the more common coat colors such as brindle, cream, and fawn.

When getting a French Bulldog puppy it is always best to ensure that you are getting one from a responsible breeder, even if their price is a bit higher than other sources. 

French Bulldogs Come in Many Colors 

French Bulldogs can come in a wide variety of colors, and some are rarer than others. 

Unfortunately, many of these rare Frenchie coat colors are not officially recognized by the American Kennel Club or the French Bulldog Club of America. 

As of now only brindle, cream, fawn, and white coat colors are recognized. 

Other coat colors on our list tend to be left unrecognized either because of their rarity or because they are not naturally occurring in the French Bulldog breed. 

When getting a French Bulldog puppy it is crucial that you do your homework and only work with reputable breeders. 

This way you do not have the chance of getting a puppy with a cute appearance but negative genetic defects.

French Bulldog Colors

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