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Dwelf Cat [what do you know about this peculiar-looking, hairless, munchkin cat?]

Have you ever heard of the Dwelf cat? The Dwelf cat is a small peculiar-looking cat with no hair! The name “Dwelf” is said to be a combination of “Dwarf” and “Elf”. Dwelf cats are a mixed breed derived from the American Curl, Munchkin, and Sphynx cats.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything you want to know about the Dwelf cat, ownership, personality traits, and where you can find one of these unique dwarf cats.

what is a dwelf cat
What is a Dwelf Cat?

What is a Dwelf Cat?

The Dwelf cat originally got its name because of its unique looks. It has elf-like features and is a dwarf cat, so the name Dwelf was born. 

Many people say that these cats are “so ugly they are cute.” The Dwelf cat breed is technically considered a designer cat breed and is also a relatively new breed. 

They have an extremely short stature, stocky body, peach fuzz covering their almost hairless body, and the curled ears of the American Curl cat.

Dwelf Cats are a Hybrid

This hairless breed is actually a combination of three different breeds of cats. 

Dwelf Cat History

Since the Dwelf is a newer breed, they do not have any extensive history. They fall into the experimental new breed category. 

Dwelf Cat History
Dwelf Cat History

Dwelf cats were first introduced to the world in 2008 by a cat breeder local to Arkansas, United States.

Dwelf Cat Controversy

There is quite a bit of debate surrounding breeding designer cats

Since the Dwelf cat’s specific traits come from combining multiple different breeds that showcase specific mutations, many believe that this form of breeding is rather unethical.

Many cat lovers have a problem with this type of breeding as it can lead to genetic mutations and deformities. 

Dwelf Cat Characteristics

The amazing Dwelf cat is a unique combination of characteristics and traits.

Dwelf Cat Colors

Dwelf Cat Colors
Dwelf Cat Colors
  • Natural skin tone/ color (usually greyish-black)
  • Black
  • Pink

Dwelf Cat Size

They roughly weigh around four to nine pounds and are small-sized cats standing only six to seven inches tall. 

Dwelf Cat Personality

These hairless felines are known to have a higher-than-average intelligence and are very playful and friendly. 

They enjoy a lot of time doing family activities and cuddling sessions on the couch. Many have even said that these cats possess dog-like personalities. 

Potential owners should also be aware that these cats love constant human attention and do not like to be left alone for extended periods of time. 

The Dwelf breed makes great companions and family members for anyone who has an interest in hairless or munchkin-type cats!

Dwelf Cat Health Issues

Many designer hybrid or hairless cat breeds have some additional health issues that other breeds may not be as predisposed to. 

The Dwelf is a new breed so there is not much information readily available to inform owners about what potential problems these cats may be the most susceptible to. 

Feline experts do believe that Dwelf cats have a higher risk of hereditary diseases, heart disease, and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. 

Usually, the most common condition you will run into with a Dwelf would be skin conditions and sensitivities. 

They are also prone to sunburn when exposed to too much sun or become overly cold due to being hairless. 

Other Health Conditions That Could Affect Your Dwelf Cat

  • Ear infections (sometimes they can become recurrent.) 
  • Skin infections 
  • Spinal curvature or skeletal problems
  • Joint problems and arthritis development

Grooming Requirements for a Dwelf Cat

It is a very common misconception that bald cats do not need any grooming or skin care. The Dwelf cat is very susceptible to skin conditions and potentially even infections. 

The best way to care for your Dwelf and ensure that they are comfortable and healthy is to give them regular weekly baths using warm water and a gentle, cat-friendly shampoo. 

After washing your cat you can give them a gentle massage with skin oil to ensure their skin does not get dried out. 

If you implement your weekly baths from the time they are very young kittens they will grow to love their baths and the time they get to spend with you.

Dwelf Cat Diet

Did you know that most hairless cats have extremely high metabolisms? This increases the likelihood that your cat is going to love to eat. 

It is important that you feed your Dwelf a high-calorie diet of quality food. Even though they have high metabolisms, cats often love food could cause them to overeat and become obese. 

Because of their unique stature, these cats need to be kept in excellent condition so as to not increase the likelihood of developing joint problems, arthritis, and skeletal issues. 

Make sure to bring up any concerns about your cat’s diet or weight with your vet or nutritionist. They will have excellent suggestions for what will be ideal for your cat’s health. 

Dwelf Cat Living Environment

The Dwelf cat only has extremely fine hair. It is technically considered a hairless cat, so it can have trouble maintaining its body temperature. 

Creating a safe, cozy environment for them will be very important. Some owners even put cute little fuzzy sweaters on their Dwelfs to help them stay warm. 

It is also a great idea to provide them with plenty of toys that will provide a good amount of mental stimulation. Dwelf cats also enjoy hanging out on a cat tree or on a window sill to gaze outside. 

How to Find a Dwelf Cat

Because this breed is such a new cat breed the likelihood of you being able to rescue one is probably very slim. 

Dwelf Cat Breeders

It is a great idea to check with your local shelters, but it may be a better idea to get into contact with reputable breeders in your area. 

This will ensure that you get a healthy cat or kitten with as few potential health issues as possible. 

Where Can I Find a Dwelf Cat Breeder?

You can always ask your trusted veterinarian for advice on finding a breeder, but other places you can contact are:

  • The International Cat Association
  • The Dwarf Cat Association

Cat associations often have lists of quality breeders on their websites.

Related Dwelf Cat Questions

Can You Safely Ship a Dwelf Cat Kitten?

You may need to look outside of your state for a breeder you can have a kitten shipped to you. Yes, you can safely ship a kitten but we don’t recommend that.

If you choose to go the mail-order route make sure you pick a reputable company that has experience shipping animals.

How Much Does a Dwelf Cat Kitten Cost?

A Dwelf cat is what could be considered an investment into a new pet. Kittens, on average, run between $2,000 and $3,000 as they are extremely rare and also a new breed of cat. 

Is a Dwelf Cat Good Around Children?

In short, yes! These cats are excellent family members. They love to be played with, held, cuddled, or just sit on your lap. 

They are friendly and playful with children but are not overly wild and aggressive as some cats can be. 

You will want to make sure that you decipher the personality and boundaries your cat has to ensure that both your children and your cat are having a good time. 

Children have a tendency to be rough with animals, make sure that you help them understand that you must be gentle with and around the cat or other animals. 

What is the Lifespan of a Dwelf Cat?

Dwelf cats have a great chance of leading very long lives. According to the International Cat Association, Dwelf cats can live up to 15 years.

Dwelf Cats Make Good Pets

The Dwelf is a unique and peculiar cat with an amazing personality. They make great additions to your family, but can be hard to find and quite expensive. 

Besides these things, they are an excellent choice for a companion animal. With proper care and lots of love they can live long lives and enjoy being around “their people.” 

I hope this article has been informative and helped you in your search for a new family friend.

Dwelf Cat

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