How Much Does It Cost To Own A Horse
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How Much Does It Cost To Own A Horse? What It Really Costs to Have a Horse as a Pet.

Owning a horse is a dream come true for many people. But how much does it cost to own a horse?  There are a lot of expenses such as food, boarding, transporting, insurance, and vet costs to consider when owning a horse. Also, your planned use of your horse can add to the cost such…

How Long is a Horse Pregnant
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How Long is a Horse Pregnant? Conception to Birth. The Timeline of a Horse Gestation Unveiled

When springtime rolls around for broodmare horse owners, the excitement can be felt in the air because they know new baby horses will soon be arriving! A horse’s pregnancy usually lasts about 340 days on average with most births seemingly taking place at night. Knowing how long your mare should be pregnant will help you…

How to Clean a Horse's Hooves
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How to Clean a Horse’s Hooves [step-by-step guide with pictures]

Paying special attention to cleaning your horse’s hooves is critical for horse owners when maintaining their equine hoof health.  Cleaning a horse’s hooves is a fairly simple process that almost anyone can do if they have the proper tools and techniques. A horse pick and brush are required. Gently lift the horse’s leg, inspect the…

Why Do Horses Need Shoes
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Why Do Horses Need Shoes? [should all horses wear horseshoes?]

Many horses wear horseshoes but why? Most domestic horses wear shoes to protect their feet during long days on the farm and walking on hard surfaces or rocky terrain. There are pros and cons concerning the use of horseshoes and some disagreement among horse lovers about if a horse should be shoed or not. Please…

How to Treat Colic in Horses
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How to Treat Colic in Horses [colic symptoms, prevention and treatment for your horse]

About five to ten percent of horses will suffer from colic during their lifetime. Colic is basically pain in your horse’s abdomen area and in severe cases can lead to death if not treated properly. Quick recovery from colic is accomplished by knowing the symptoms with an early diagnosis and then taking quick action. There…

What is Foundering in a Horse
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What is Foundering in a Horse? [does your horse have laminitis?]

Foundering (a condition called laminitis) is when a horse’s foot is suffering from inflammation. This is a serious condition for a horse and can even lead to death. There is no cure for laminitis and it can cause severe pain. When a horse founders it is often referred to as going lame. What is Laminitis…

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