50 Gift Ideas For Horse Lovers

50 Gift Ideas For Horse Lovers [horse gifts for girls and guys]

Here is a list of over 50 unique gift ideas for horse lovers that are sure to please! We have included a suitable gift for every equine enthusiast, ranging from custom paintings to riding lessons. Horse-themed gifts are easy to find and can be inexpensive.

A true horse lover is usually an avid collector of horse-related items and loves to add more to their collection. So relax, you really can’t go wrong giving any of these unique gifts.

horse gifts for girls
horse gifts for girls

Gift Ideas For Horse Lovers

Custom Horse Painting (1)

Whether your horse-loving friend is in the picture or not, a custom horse painting will make an excellent gift. 

Custom Horse Painting
Custom Horse Painting

If your friend owns their own horse, the painting can be of them and their horse or just their horse alone. This makes a perfect personalized gift that they will cherish for the rest of their life.

If they do not own a horse, the painting could be of a horse of their choice; let them decide. 

If you do not want your friend to know about the gift in advance, then you can just have an artist create a beautiful horse portrait and that will make everyone’s day.

Horse Riding Lessons (2)

Horse riders of all experiences would benefit from these lessons. If your horse-loving friend does not know how to ride a horse, the best option would be for them to learn how to. 

Horse riding lessons would make a great gift idea for a new equestrian. It can be a fun way for them to learn more about something that sparks their interest. 

Horse Riding Lessons
Horse Riding Lessons

And who knows? Maybe it will even motivate them to go again and follow their dreams of becoming a professional rider.

Horse Show Tickets (3)

Some people are interested in watching car races, but your horse-loving friend will be more excited to watch a horse race. 

A ticket to a horse event will allow your friend to have the time of their life enjoying their favorite things.

Horse Show Tickets
Horse Show Tickets

Matching Saddle Pad and Polo Wraps (4)

Whether your horse-loving friend owns a horse or not, this would make a great gift. If they do not have a horse, maybe this will inspire them to get one. 

If they do, it will make for a much more fun ride with their horse. 

Saddle Pad
Saddle Pad

Soft Horse Brush (5)

A soft brush to help groom your friend’s horse is something any horse owner needs. This will allow for a relaxing time for your friend and their horse.

Custom Handmade Horse Plush (6)

People always enjoy a gift that is handmade! A plush would especially be great for a younger horse person. Although adults wouldn’t mind this gift either.

Horse Photography Session (7)

Whether you do this professionally or just on your phone, your horse-loving friend is sure to have a nice time. 

Once the session is finished, you could even get a photo printed and framed or put on a canvas. 

This will make for some good memories and having the picture framed for them will be a nice touch.

Equestrian Clothing (8)

There’s nothing better for someone to show off their love for horses than by wearing horse-themed clothing! 

There are plenty of horse-print clothes out there, even those that can be used as everyday wear. 

Whether it’s a dress, a horse T-shirt, or even pajamas, let your friend be the horse enthusiast that they are!

Horse Bookends (9)

Everyone likes to be different in some way and this would make a very unique gift for your horse-loving friend. 

This will make their books look neat and tidy as well as give their room a horse vibe that you are helping with. Horse bookends would make a great gift for horse lovers of all ages. 

Horse Riding Leather Gloves (10)

Leather gloves will make for a more comfortable horseback riding session. This would make a great gift for horse lovers, but you will have to be careful about the size of gloves you get. 

Horse Riding Leather Gloves
Horse Riding Leather Gloves

Since gloves come in different sizes find out the size of your friend’s hands beforehand. If you wanted to get a surprise gift, this may not be the best option.

However, your horse-loving friend will be very happy with this gift so sometimes it may be better to get the right gift without the surprise aspect!

Horse Garden Bench (11)

If you want to help your horse-loving friend brighten up the outdoors, a horse garden bench will do the trick. 

Not only will the bench look nice but it’s the perfect seat for someone to admire their surroundings. 

Horse Area Rug (12)

To help decorate your horse-loving friend’s place, a horse area rug will help. They can put it wherever they want. It will make a nice gift and will add warmth to the room.

Horse Blanket (13)

Everyone likes to be comfortable so why not get your horse-loving friend a horse blanket

It can be used as a nice decoration at the end of their bed or it can be used for comfort and warmth. 

Horse Blanket
Horse Blanket

Horse Welcome Doormat (14)

Every horse lover you know has a door so a cool-looking horse doormat is a sure hit! This is a great horse gift idea that is practical.

There is no better way for someone to show off their love for horses than welcoming people with a horse welcome doormat. 

It can go right outside their front door and will be noticeable to anyone who walks through that door. When they have company over, everyone will know about their love for horses. 

Horse Statue (15)

If your horse-loving friend is into decorating, a horse statue can make the best gifts possible. It can go wherever your friend pleases and will brighten up the room. 

Horse Christmas Ornament (16)

If you are getting your friend a gift for the holiday season, around Christmastime, an ornament will make the best Christmas gift. 

Horse Christmas Ornament
Horse Christmas Ornament

It will make a nice decoration for the Christmas tree and will surely bring out good spirits.

Horse Jewelry (17)

Great equestrian gift ideas can include horse necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. For many of these, you can even add the person’s name or a personalized message engraved on the back of the jewelry item.

A sterling silver horse necklace is a great gift that your horse-loving friend will adore. 

horse necklace
Horse Necklace

A horse charm is also recommended for any type of jewelry going to your friend. The charm can be added to almost any type of jewelry so it’s perfect!

And don’t forget to send them a beautiful horse jewelry box to keep these special items in!

Horse Glass Cup Set (18)

If you’re looking for something horse related and useful, a horse glass cup set will be the perfect option. 

Glasses are used daily and there is no better way for someone to admire horses than having a nice drink from a cup with a horse on it. 

Horse Table Lamp (19)

This will literally help brighten up the room. It can go on any table and give light to any other horse decorations your horse-loving friend may have. 

Horse Water Bottle (20)

With a nice horse decoration on a water bottle, it will be the perfect item to bring along on horse rides. 

It can be used daily as well and will help keep your horse-loving friend hydrated while they ride their horse or just live their life.

Horse Shaped Cutting Board (21)

This is another unique gift that can be found on websites like Etsy. 

Things like this are hard to come across but will make a nice gift for your friend if they just enjoy having horse related items to show off their love of horses. 

They can chop their food on their cutting board and even their horse’s food if they want to.

Personalized Saddle Bag (22)

This will make a great horse gift for your friend who likes horseback riding. 

A saddlebag is very useful as it can hold any items that your friend wants to bring on their horseback riding trip. If you plan on getting multiple gifts, it can even carry a horse water bottle. 

A personalized saddle bag will definitely come in handy and it will be unique to the person it’s for. It will make the perfect personalized horse gift.

Horse Notebook (23)

Some people like to carry a notebook wherever they go and others just like to have it when they need to write something down while they’re doing work. 

A horse notebook will be a great gift for your horse-loving friend as it is a very useful gift and still has a nice horse vibe that you’re going for.

Horse Sign (24)

There are a variety of horse signs out there that you can get your horse-loving friend and it would be best to pick the one that you think they will love the most. 

Horse Sign
Horse Sign

There are also a variety of types of horse signs like ones that say “I Love Horses”, “Life is Better at the Barn”, or ones that say nothing at all with just a picture of a horse. 

You could even get a sign with their horse’s name on it! This would make a great gift as it can go inside or outside and decorate the area a bit.

Collectible Horse Figure (25)

Whether your horse-loving friend already has a horse figure collection or not, a collectible horse figure would make a great gift. 

If they don’t already have any, this will be a great way to start their collection. If they already have some horse figures why not add more to their collection? Your friend will really love and appreciate this gift.

Metal Horse Candle Holder (26)

Everyone loves it when the house smells nice and a candle is a common way to do so.

A horse candle holder with a candle will not only make the room smell nice, but it will make it look nice with a nice horse decoration to go along with it.

And don’t forget to send a nice horse-themed candle with the horse candleholder!

Customized Horse Treat Container (27)

There’s no better way to treat your horses (and yourself) than with a nice container to hold the horse treats. 

Your horse-loving friend will adore some customized horse treat containers. It will make it easier for them to carry the treats and in no way will their horse be disappointed.

Horse Stickers (28)

Sometimes it’s fun for people to decorate things themself. Stickers can really go on anything: a notebook, a guitar, a stereo, you name it! 

Horse stickers will make the perfect gift for your horse-loving friend who likes to decorate everything!

Horse Head Magnet (29)

Magnets can go on almost anything that is metal. However, it can damage some things so take precautions. One of the best places to put a magnet is on the refrigerator. 

A little horse head magnet can hold papers and be very useful. It will look really cute wherever your horse-loving friend decides to put it. 

Horse Tote Bag (30)

A tote bag can be used on daily things like groceries or to bring stuff with you when you go hiking. 

A horse tote bag will make for a very nice gift for anyone. Some people even like to collect horse bags so maybe you could help your horse-loving friend start a new collection!

Decorative Horse Pillow (31)

A decorative horse pillow will look cute on a couch or a chair and will make a great gift for your horse-loving friend. 

Finding the right pillow will help tie in the color scheme of the room and look fantastic. It could even include the favorite colors of your friend. 

Plus, it will definitely help them show their love for horses in a content manner.

Horse Towel (32)

Whether it’s a pool towel or a bath towel, a horse towel will make a cute and useful gift. 

Your horse-loving friend will finally feel cute when drying themself off and they will love seeing the horse every time they get out of the pool or shower. 

Unicorn Horn For Horse (33)

What horse lover doesn’t also love unicorns? If your horse-loving friend also happens to own a horse, a unicorn horn for it will make for a magical gift. 

Your friend can ride their horse feeling like they are flying with a unicorn and it will be the fantasy they have always dreamt of.

Horse Baseball Cap (34)

Whatever it’s being used for, a horse baseball cap will look great! 

It doesn’t matter the gender of the horse lover either because baseball caps can be worn by anyone. 

Just imagine the smile on their face when they put that cap on and you know it will make a great gift.

Gift Basket (35)

If you’re planning on getting something for your horse-loving friend but can’t decide on one thing, their own horse lover gift basket of a bunch of horse related items would be perfect! 

You could go through this list and decide on multiple items you would like to put together to make a big, fun gift! Everyone loves gifts, why not a bunch of them in a basket!

Horse Gift Cards (36)

Gift cards are time-proven gifts that are easy for both the receiver and sender. You can purchase generic gift cards from a variety of places and then the horse lover you send it to can simply purchase what they want.

Or go to a local tack store and ask if they offer gift cards. To make it even easier find their website and purchase online. 

Cowboy Boots (37)

What is something ALL horse lovers wear? Cowboy boots!

Cowboy Boots
Cowboy Boots

There are all types to choose from including off-the-shelf ones from a local horse apparel store to fancy custom-made boots you can order online.

Cowboy Boot Rack (38)

Well, if you have the cowboy boots you need a nice horse themed boot rack to put them on!

Horse Clock (39)

Everyone needs to know what time it is especially true when you are hanging out at the horse stable!

horse clock
Horse Clock

A nice horse themed clock can make a special place like the horse barn even more so.

Horse Wall Plaque (40)

What says you love horses more than a beautiful horse plaque mounted on the wall. Your horse lover, family member, or friend will be reminded of you every time they see it there.

Horse Stuffed Animal (41)

Don’t fool yourself, adults like stuffed animals as much as kids do! There are some really nice-looking horse stuffed animals that are sure to be a conversation starter for any horse lover. 

This can be an amazing gift for someone you care about.

Horse Board Game (42)

Many people who love horses love to play games too! And what could be more fun than playing a horse themed game with all your horse buddies!

Horse Board Game

Horse-opoly is a Monopoly-themed horse board game that is sure to provide many hours of fun.

Horse Coffee Mug (43)

Yes, horse people drink coffee too! A cool-looking horse coffee mug always makes a great gift even for people who don’t put coffee in it.

And you can even get personalized coffee mugs now that could have a picture of their horse printed right on them!

Horse Writing Journal (44)

This makes for a great gift because your horse lover can keep a record of when they go riding and other activities associated with their horse.

It is fun to look back and see how many times you rode or where you went and with whom.

Horse Snow Globe Nic Nac (45)

Ok, snow globes may be a thing of the past but one with a horse in it is sure to be a conversation starter for all your horse friends and family.

Horse Handbag or Purse (46)

Did you know the majority of horse owners in the United States are female? True!

So you may be looking for an awesome horse handbag or purse to give as a horse-related gift to that special lady.

Horse Halter (47)

Every horse owner needs and uses a halter on their horse. Giving them a halter that is made of high-quality material is a great gift.

Horse Halter
Horse Halter

Just make sure you find out what size they need in advance.

Horse Saddle (48)

A saddle can be an expensive item to buy for your special horse lover but it is a gift they will never forget and will think of you every time they ride on it.

Saddles can be in English or Western-style so be sure to know the type of riding they do before you get them one.

Saddle Soap (49)

If you get them a saddle make sure to include some high-quality saddle soap. In case you don’t know, saddle soap is used to clean and condition leather and most saddles are made of leather.

Horse Riding Helmet (50)

Let’s face the facts, riding a horse can be dangerous and while some riders may not even think about it, wearing a helmet is a smart decision.

Horse Riding Helmet
Horse Riding Helmet

What can say, “I love you” more than giving someone a helmet to increase their level of safety while riding their horse.

Note: Helmets come in many sizes and shapes so be sure to do your homework before you purchase one as a gift.


Remember, no matter what gift you give your favorite equestrian, it is the thought that counts!

Gift Ideas For Horse Lovers

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